Articles written by Julian and Tarryn for HR Future

May 2018 – Will this “new” Home Affairs broom sweep clean?

March 2018 – Waivers: Impossibility or Probability?

February 2018 – Ways to Acquire Critical Skills

January 2018 – Zimbabwe Exemption Permits and Multiple Passports

April 2017 – Time Is Of The Essence

Don’t hold your breath when applying for a visa.

March 2017 – Is An Immigration Audit Still Necessary in 2017?

Employing foreign nationals without the appropriate documentation to be in the country is a high risk activity.

February 2017 – So How Did Home Affairs Do?

Overview of 2016 and preview of 2017 in the Immigration Law sphere.

January 2017 – Green Paper on International Migration

We’re not making it easy to attract skills

December 2016 – Complexities of Dual/Multiple Citizenship

Make sure you are ready to apply for a retention of South African citizenship before acquiring another foreign citizenship

November 2016 – Police Clearance Certificates

Amendment to the process regarding police clearance certificates for temporary residence visas and permanent residence permits

October 2016 – Critical Skill Work Visa Conundrum

Compliance with the requirements for a Critical Skills Work Visa

September 2016 – Zimbabwean and Lesotho Dispensations

Illegal nationals from Zimbabwe and Lesotho can rectify their status

August 2016 – What happens when a work visa or another visa is refused?

Alternative options are needed to secure scarce skills from outside the country

July 2016 – Is the Skills Shortage in South Africa still a myth?

South Africa needs all the skills it can get, regardless of where they come from

June 2016 – Change of Status Within South Africa

High Court rules on change of status from within South Africa

May 2016 – Unabridged Birth Certificate Saga

Department of Home Affairs backtracks on Unabridged Birth Certificate Requirements

April 2016 – Work Visa Woes

It would be helpful if the Department of Home Affairs and Labour recognized certain realities

March 2016 – Bad Visa Decisions put SA on back foot

It would be nice if Home Affairs helped instead of hindered efforts to build a vibrant economy

February 2016 – Visa Requirement Update

New developments in respect of possible amendments to the Immigration Act and Regulations

January 2016 – Waiver: Do Exceptional Circumstances Exist?

Understanding when a prescribed requirement can be waived

December 2015 – Vexing Question of Dual Citizenship

South Africans holding passports for other countries – when South African citizenship is lost

November 2015 – Travelling with Minors

The facts you need to know about travelling to or from South Africa with a minor

October 2015 – Skilled Foreign Workers Wait for Visas

Difficulties being experienced with foreign qualification evaluation as part of the work visa process

September 2015 – What “Good Cause” Entails

Leaving South Africa and being declared undesirable or applying for good cause

August 2015 – New Developments From Home Affairs

Change of status from Corporate to Critical Skills; Study allowed for Work /Business Visa holders

July 2015 – New Angle On Xenophobia

Xenophobia is a continuing problem in South Africa

June 2015 – Desirable Or Undesirable?

Persons who overstay their visa’s and then exit South Africa are declared undesirable for up to 5 years

May 2015 – Time For Immigration Audits And Verification Of Visas

A necessary undertaking for all employers to ensure compliance with Immigration Laws

April 2015 – Is This A Metamorphosis From Skills and Investor Friendly To Less Friendly

A look at the work and business visa categories and their impact on investment and skills importation

March 2015 – Intra Company Transfer

An attempt to clear up the confusion around Intra Company Transfers

February 2015 – Would Home Affairs have passed Matric in 2014?

Puzzling and unnecessary decisions play havoc with families and skills development

January 2015 – Immigration Law Update

The Country bleeds while the Department of Home Affairs demands information it already has

December 2014 – Progress or Not

Progress since the Immigration Amendment Act 13 of 2011 and the Immigration Regulations

November 2014 – Is this Innovation

Critical Skills Visas in terms of the Immigration Act

October 2014 – Zimbabwean Dispensation Permits

Help your Zimbabwean employees into the mainstream Immigration process

September 2014 – Need a Work Permit – Good luck

What it’s like to apply for a Work Permit after 26 May – the date of the new immigration regulations coming into operation

August 2014 – New – But not improved – General Work Visa

Changes to the process of acquiring a General Work Visa have not been for the better

July 2014 – Sudden Entry in Immigration Arena

The impact of the new Immigration Regulations on South Africa

June 2014 – Proposed Visa Facilitation Service

Details regarding the new lodgment process through Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) acting as a lodgment agent for the Department of Home Affairs

May 2014 – New Immigration Regulations

The most important changes brought about by the Amendments to the Immigration Act and its Regulations

April 2014 – Local lodgments versus Lodgements abroad

Guidelines to follow as to where to lodge an application

March 2014 – Own Business Visa’s

A new perspective on Own Business Visa’s

February 2014 – Foreign Nationals must Confirm Employment

The conundrum around obtaining proof of employment confirmations from the Department of Home Affairs