Where a child is born to one (1) or more South African citizen parent/s but such child’s birth is never registered in accordance with the Births and Deaths Registration Act, the process that such child would need to go through in order to become a South African citizen is known as the late registration of birth process.


A determination of status would be the first step in the process which would require the Department of Home Affairs to investigate the child’s status and determine whether they do indeed have a right to South African citizenship.  If so, they would issue a document, stating that.


The actual process of the late registration of birth involves an interview process between the Department of Home Affairs, the child and the South African citizen parent/s.  It is often that more than one interview is required with all these persons present. Please keep in mind that it is possible that if the child’s South African citizen parent/s are not in South Africa to attend to such interview that a South African citizen relative of the child can attend on their behalf.


Unfortunately, the process is not an easy one due to the abuse that has been taken in respect of this late registration of birth process.  It is for this reason that a number of interviews may be required between the applicant, the South African citizen informant and the Department of Home Affairs.


Our office can assist in respect of the determination of status process and, as such, we would suggest that you send us an e-mail confirming that this is what you require to enquiries@immigration.org.za.