The meaning of a Voluntary and Formal Act

Most unfortunately, nowhere in any of our South African Citizenship Actc have the words “voluntary and formal act” ever been defined.


According to what the Department of Home Affairs has gone by in respect of a “definition” for a voluntary and formal act in the past, is that it is where a person applies for citizenship, being over the age of 18 years, and such person signs a document such an oath or declaration or even a form in order to acquire such foreign Citizenship.


Automatic conferment of foreign citizenship is no longer a possibility in our day and age.  As a result, it does mean that the acquisition of a foreign citizenship will almost always be a voluntary and formal act.  The acquisition of citizenship, no matter for what country, will at some stage inevitably include a requirement for a form to be filled in or a document to be signed, which would automatically make the application for such foreign citizenship voluntary and formal.