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South African Police Clearances – Clarification of the Process

In September 2016 the Director General of Home Affairs  issued a directive stating that all applicants in South Africa requiring a South African Police Clearance Certificate to support their Visa applications, variation thereto or extensions thereof, no longer had to go through this process at a local Police Station and Central Criminal Records Bureau of the South African Police Services.

The Director General had announced that this would now be done at the point of lodgement of the Visa application by the VFS officials, with payment of the fee of R175.00 being payable via VFS in this regard.

It became apparent rather quickly thereafter that, with the best of intentions, the Department of Home Affairs and VFS were not capable of dealing with this rather sudden announcement.

In other words the prior process in respect of South African Police Clearances must be reverted to and the process of going to the nearest Police Station remains in place.

We can be of assistance in obtaining South African Police Clearances Certificates.


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