By completing the assessment form below we will be able to assess whether you qualify for either temporary or permanent residence in South Africa. Please complete the assessment form and answer all questions and submit to our offices.

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    Spouse or Partners Particulars

    Are you married or in a permanent cohabitative relationship (spousal relationship) with your partner ?

    Is your spouse a South African citizen or permanent residence permit holder?


    How long have you been married or in a spousal relationship?

    less then 5 yearsMore then 5 years

    Spouse/Partner Full Name



    Partners Birth Date, Month and Year

    Qualifications, work experience & skills

    What is your Highest Level of Education

    Details of your work or professional experience

    Entrepreneurial skills & business experience

    Detail your business skills in your own business (either as owner or equity holder) or key management skills within a company over the last 5 years

    Language proficiency

    Speak English

    Read English

    Write English

    South African Ancestral link?

    If you are connected by way of blood or marriage through ascendance or descendance (within two degrees of kinship) to a South African citizen you may have the right to South African citizenship by descent, ie. either a Parent or Grandparent who is or was a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident, please submit a response in the block provided.


    This section must be completed by persons who want to be assessed in the "Retired persons" and "financial net worth" categories. N.B. The calculations in this category will be assessed at the ZAR value at time of the assessment

    Furnish the value of transferable pension or life time annuity (in the currency it is paid to you ). Any pension or annuity due to your spouse or partner must be included.



    Furnish the total amount of your financial net worth (in the currency it is invested). and specify the income payable to you and your spouse and partner per month from such investment



    Furnish the total value of immovable property owned by you and any rental value and any rental value which would accrue to you from such property. (in the currency it is invested). and specify the income payable to you and your spouse and partner per month from such investment






    Other Questions

    Have you or your spouse or partner ever:been convicted of or are currently charged with any crime or offence in any country ?

    applied previously for any visitors permit / visa / Study Permit /Work Permit or Permanent residence permit for South Africa ?

    been refused a South African entry Permit or any had any visa refusal in any other country ?

    been refused admission to, or ordered to leave South Africa or any other country ?

    applied previously for citizenship by naturalisation or descent in South Africa ?

    Do you have a job offer from a prospective South African employer ?

    If you have answered "yes" to any of the questions above, please provide details below:

    Under which category do you wish to be assessed ?

    How did you learn about our website ?

    We can only do this assessment if you complete this questionnaire fully AND furnish the warranty requested

    I guarantee that the information furnished by me on this form is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, and is being provided only for the purpose of providing sufficient information to enable a free assessment of the viability of my possible Immigration to South Africa

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