This alert applies to all foreign nationals applying for visas or permits of any description in South Africa after Monday the 26th of May 2014.

The Minister of Home Affairs has on Thursday the 22nd May signed the Immigration Regulations which will empower the Immigration Amendment Act 13 of 2011 to come into operation on the Monday the 26th May.

It is important for clients to note, as we have been advising them for some time, that the Immigration Amendment Act and new regulations would be published “shortly”.

The Department of Home Affairs has kept the content of the regulations very much close to their chests, despite allowing a comment period on first draft of the regulations.

The new regulations have been published under Government Gazette nr 37679 and have only become readily available on Friday the 23rd May.

Whilst there may be transitional arrangements in the pipeline, all applications that have not yet been lodged by the date of implementation of the new regulations, will have to be ostensibly dealt with under the new regulations.

There are some substantial changes and whilst we have dispatched newsletters to our clients and subscribers as to what these would probably be, our first sight of the gazetted regulations has only been on Friday the 23rd May and accordingly we will be uploading further information on the critical changes in due course.

You are advised to email through to with any specific queries you may have at this time.

Watch this space for further information.

Julian and Tarryn and the team at Julian Pokroy Attorneys